Science Week

Day 1:

We have had such a good first day! The year 4s came to help us go on an animal adventure. First we had to plan where the best place to look would be and predict what kinds of animals we would find. We then got togged up and went outside armed with magniying glasses and clipboards to start our adventure.

This afternoon we had a discovery bag full of interesting items. We decided that they were all linked to trees. We recapped our learning about the parts of plants and deciduous/ evergreen trees.


We have been given the job of looking after the 10 eggs that are getting ready to hatch. We have to make sure the incubator stays at 37 degrees and that the water tray is topped up. Around 2pm Fraser and George noticed that one of the eggs had moved!!!

We can't wait for tomorrow to do more fun science.

Science Week


Day 2:

Today we have investigated bubbles! We thought about what a bubble was?, What is was made out of? and Where it went? We then made our own bubble wands to try and create some different shapes - turns out we couldn't! 

Egg update: no hatching as yet, George is convinced he saw one move so fingers crossed for some to start hatching tomorrow!

Take a look at some of our fantastic photos from today!

Science Week Day 2


Day 3

Today we went on a nature walk to find different colours. We talked about the colours we might find in  Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. We then made a rainbow picture using all the colours we found.

We are still waiting for the eggs to hatch!!


Day 4

When we came to school today we had 4 chicks that had hatched overnight!! Throughout the morning another chick hatched out of the egg, this was very exciting to watch.

We moved the chicks to their box and made sure they had some food and water. They are still tiny but are fluffing up nicely.

This morning we had a visit from Professor Nitrate. He showed us lots of fun science experiments and we even got to have a go at some. 

Posted by Miss Woodward on 13 March 2017

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