Fun in the autumnal sun!

We had a lovely Friday afternoon learning in our outside area, making the most of the sunshine while it lasts. We were even joined by a frog who stopped by to say hello. 

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Letter from the Queen!

Last year during our week of celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday,  we all wrote her a letter sending our good wishes. Yesterday we recieved a reply! We were all so excited! Please feel free to come into class 1 to have a look at the real thing.


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Toys Topic Map

Here is a overview of all the things we will be covering during our topic on 'Toys'.


/files/Class 1/Topic_Map.docx

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Toys from the past

This week as part of our 'toys' topic we are going to be looking at toys from ther past. We would be so grateful if you be willing to share any old toys you may still have from your childhood? If they are very precious just let me know and it will be for 'eyes only'! 

If you have anything that…

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Our trip to Tatton Park

We had an amazing time on our trip to Tatton Park. It was so exciting because to go on a double decker bus!!

We were blessed with beautiful blue skies all day but we were rather sweaty and sticky when we came home! I am so proud of all my little lions - they were all so well behaved. 


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Juice Cartons (tetra packs) Wanted!

If you have any tetra pack juice cartons that are on the way to the recycle bin please could we take them off your hands? We want to build our own windmill and these will be perfect.

Thank You :)

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Homework Books

Your children will bring home a homework book tonight, don't panic it's not going to include masses of work for your child to do! It will have your child's speech bubble in it and sometimes may include a maths activity. I will encourage the children to write in this book any achievements they have…

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Egg cartons needed!

Next week is Chinese New Year and we are in need of egg cartons so we can make some really groovy Chinese dragons! Any other cardboard boxes, bottle tops, tin foil that are going spare we would love to take them off your hands too. 

Thank you! :)

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Reception Online Learning Journeys

If you have a child in reception and haven't given in your email address and or returned the agreed guidelines slip then please can you do so at your earliest convenience. Tapestry is a fantastic tool giving you as parents the chance to see what your child has got up to during his/her day at…

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Spring Term

This term we will be looking at plants and weather. We will also be using the Julia Donaldson books in out literacy. I have loved my first few weeks here at Catforth and am looking forward to getting to know more of you as the weeks go on.

As always any questions you may have, please don't…

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Thank you so much!

Party day was such a busy day that there was no time to open the many parcels and cards that arrived in class for me this morning. I have just finished opening them now and am very touched and moved by your lovely 'thank you' and 'goodbye' messages. It has been such a privilege to teach your…

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Fun with wheels and axels

This week, we have been investigating different wheeled vehicles and have had lots of fun working with different sized axles and wheels. We have worked on different ways we could attach an axle so that we have lots of skills to help us when we make our own Moon this space


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