Magical Potions


To help us develop our measuring skills we made exciting potions using interesting liquids like Fairy Tears and Dragon Blood. We decided what we wanted to put into each potion and then carefully measured the correct amount. We had to be very precise reading measurements from the scale on the…

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Celtic Money Bags

We used Celtic money bags as an inspiration for our own designs. We examined different money containers and looked at the materials they were made from, how they were put together and how they were fastened. Using these ideas we created our own modern day money bags.


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Some of our lovely snowman made from socks and rice! Each child made the snowman body, head and hat. Then each snowman was given his own personality through the fantastic decorating the children did.

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Some of our Celtic work

These are some of the roundhouses from our Celtic village. The Celts have settled on a hill to create a hillfort for protection. They are near a river for a good water supply. We looked at how the Celts would build their houses in our literacy and theme work. Next everyone had the opportunity to…

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Tiger Class carried out a scientific investigation on materials. We were trying to decide which material would form the best tent for our Lego camper. After testing lots of different materials we discovered that tin foil and cling film are waterproof so they would make good tents. We also found…

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3-D Shape Models

Tiger Class were looking at the properties of 3-D shapes so we decided to build some. We used tooth picks and midget gems to make the models.

The tooth picks showed use the number of edges in the shape and the midget gems were the vertices (corners). We could then write these details on our…

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Crazy Celt Day

Today we were lucky to have a visit from Will, an Iron Age Celt. He brought an amazing range of artefacts with him including sword, shield, clay pots, spear head, flint and the equipment needed to start a fire.

The children were able to  handle lots of the artefacts, make bread the Celtic way…

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Celtic Stories

In Tiger Class we have been working on Celtic legends like the Hound of Culan, the Legend of Branwen and the Children of Lir. We've listened to and read these different stories so we could start to write our own.


To help us write our stories we decided to use the Celtic tradition of…

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Micro Athletics

On Thursday 24th September six members of Tiger Class took part in a Micro Athletics competition at Archbishop Temple High School.






The children competed in a variety of sporting challenges which tested their  running and throwing skills. They did really well and…

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The Celts are coming!

Rent-a-Celt will be visiting Tiger Class on Thursday 8th October for a fun day filled with Celtic history and activities. 

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back for the new term! 

This term our topic will be Crazy Celts!

Click here to see an overview of the theme.

Keep checking the class blog for photographs, updates and useful information.

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