Healthy Smoothies

We really enjoyed our design and technology project where, linked to our science learning about health and nutrition we designed and made a healthy drink.

We began by tasting a variety of drinks and making decisions about what we as consumers preferred to drink and also how healthy the…

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A Visit from Oakhill Vets

We were very lucky on 20th of November when Rachael the vet, Sarah the vet nurse and Al the superstar dog from Oakhill vets came to visit us in Class 2 to answer our questions about caring for animals.  

In our Science work we have been learning about health, nutrition and how we grow and stay…

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Our Purple Mash Christmas Art

We have all been having a great time over Christmas learning lots of new computer skills using the 2paint activities on purple mash

Click on links below to see the Christmas Trees that some of the children have created. They have learned how to use different tools including: lines, brushes,…

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MyMaths Homework

Congratulatiions to Daniel A and Jack who have now also completed all their homework with green smiley faces. Well done.Remember you only have until Sunday to complete all your homework.

If anyone is struggling to get onto the mymaths website or access their homework, please do not hesitate…

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MyMaths Homework

Congratulations to Chad, Connor, Ryan, Robin and Ruby who have completed all their mymaths homework tasks, successfully, already. Well Done. You have been fantastic Wise Owls.

We are particularly impressed with Isaac, Sam and Daniel F who managed to 100% on all their tasks. An amazing…

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MyMaths Homework

Class 2 have all been set some mymaths homework. A letter has been sent home about it today.


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Y2 Maths activity for Tuesday

Y2 Mental Calculation Activities for Tuesday

I can add a single digit to a two digit number.

I can add two single digit numbers.

Y2 Activities for the main part of the lesson.

Skillbuilding addition

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Y3 Maths Activities for Monday 10th November




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Fun with nature!

We are so very lucky at Catforth Primary School to have our field and surrounding fields and hedgerows to investigate nature in!

We had our first nature investigation before half term and used all our observation and enquiry skills looking at what is in our world outside.  Arran and Iona found…

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Parallel and perpendicular

Y3 children have been learning some new words in maths: parallel and perpendicular. Ask them to explain what they mean. You will be impressed. 

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Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an exciting new computer resource that we have subscribed to, for use in school. Today all the children in Class 2 have been sent home with their username and password stuck into the front of their reading records.To access the resource at home they should go to the website

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Lots of learning...

We have been busy as usual in Class 2 over the past week!  

In our science and DT lessons we are learning about health and nutrition.  Sam has been a great Wise Owl at home and researched what makes a drink healthy and even made his own healthy drink, well done Sam!





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