Panthers Class Geography and Art week

Panthers Class have been learning about Peru and the Amazon Rainforest this week, focussing on the town of Puerto Maldonado and it's place within the Amazon Rainforest. We have located the rainforests of the world and studied the Amazon in more detail. We looked at the economy of the town and how…

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Visit from the Lancashire Archives

We've been taking part in really exciting project this half term! We have had two visits from David at the Lancashire Archives to learn about the history of our school. He came first of all to share maps had found to help us work out when Catforth School was founded! He then went back to the…

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Panthers Class Trip to Martin Mere

Panthers Class had a fantastic day out to Martin Mere this Friday! We started out by pond dipping, and we found lots of mini beasts. Some of our favourites were ramshorn snails and phantom midge larva, although the baby newts kept eating these while we were watching them! 

We then went for a…

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Planting trees in forest school

Panthers Class have been planting trees which were donated to our school by the Woodland Trust! We learnt how to care for saplings, and the importance of keeping the soil moist in the early stages. We learnt about the depth of hole that is necessary for the trees, and that they would need a stick…

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Learning about the heart

As part of National Science Week, we are learning about our circulatory system. Today, we focusses on the heart and learnt about how it is structure. To help our understanding, we built plastercine models!


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Building flood-safe houses

Panthers Class have been learning about Cambodia this week, and looking at life on the Tonle Sap Lake. Thousands of people live on the lake, either in floating houses or in houses on stilts. 

We looked at solutions for flooding from all over the world and designed our own houses that would keep…

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Rivers Topic Week

This week in Panthers Class, we have been studying rivers. We started by looking at the Water Cycle by making mini terrariums, before looking at the features rivers. We studied the impact of dams and the human geography of rivers, as well as investigating the course of the River Ribble.

For our…

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Year 5 fire poems

Year 5 wrote fire poems using charcoal! We gazed into the flames and tried to work out what we could see.

Here are some of our favourites:


Flames leaping up

Like an antelope seeking food,

Sparks popping like a balloon,

Wood melting in the warm cabin

Of orange fire,


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Making toys using crumble

Panthers Class have been learning how to program using crumble kits. We had to learn how to put together code, using loops for repetition. Our end of unit project was to create a programmable toy using crumble and we had to use our DT skills for the construction. We had to think about how we could…

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Forest school

Panthers Class have been loving our new forest school area! We have been exploring nature, making art that shows the changing seasons and exploring the use of tints and shades. Year 6 have also been learning how to lay and light a fire and some have been able to successfully use a flint and steel!…

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Year 6 Computer Programming

Year 6 have been using crumble boards to make programmable cars! They had to build their car, choosing which type of axle to use, and then program it using crumble software. This involved correctly wiring up a motor and lights, and then making sure their code was correct so that every component…

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Year 6 Bake Off

Year 6 had a bake off experience in class this week! We did a technical challenge with an unseen recipe and had to follow it carefully to get perfect bakes! The challenge was to make 6 identical lemon cheese cakes with a beautifully piped topping. All did brilliantly, despite some never having…

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