Design and Technology

Examples of some of our DT projects.

  • Class 2 - Designed and made tasty gingerbread to take home for their families to enjoy.
  • Class 2 investigated and explored stable structures using duplo, paper cups, wooden bricks and then they learned how to strenghten paper. They then used all this knowledge to make towers that were at least 30cm tall and strong enough to hold a CD on the top, without falling over. It was a tall order! But they were very successful.
  • Class 1 learned the skills to chop their own vegetables to put into their healthy class soup designed for the Gruffalo to eat.
  • Class 2 tasted juices and smoothies. They then designed their own tasty alternative for the BFG to drink instead of his horrible snozzcumber smoothies.
  • Researching ginger products.
  • Chocolate crispy cakes - during Science week. Class 2 looked at how they could change the state of chocolate by heating it and return it to a solid form by cooling it down.
  • During their Around the World in Eighty Days theme Class 2 tasted and explored a variety of traditional spanish foods.
  • Class 2 designed and made large scale useful objects for the Borrowers to keep in their house.
  • Learning cutting and folding skills.
  • Using the box fold to make a pop up. Later on Class 2 made their own pop up books for younger readers to enjoy based on the Roald Dahl stories.
  • Learning to use the mouth fold to make a pop up.
  • Origami triangle Christmas cards. Learning folding skills to create 3D effects.
  • Class 2 made moving roly poly birds for younger children to play with.
  • Whilst learning about the Romans Class 3 found out all about catapults. They then designed and built their own working catapult protoypes to present to the new Roman general. They were very effective and many of them were able to fire pieces of paper quite long distances.
  • Another example of Class 3's working catapults.
  • Inspired by the draw string bags that the Ancient Celts wore round their waist, Class 2 investigated different purse designs and made their own unique money containers.
  • In their focussed practical task to learn about cams, Panther Class followed sets of instructions to make these cam toys.
  • Finding out how cam toys work and how to make one.
  • Making a single cam toy following a set of instructions.
The children went on to design and make their own cam toys with great success.
  • After 'Circusology' came to school for the day and we learned about circus tricks, the children in Panthers Class had a go at sewing their own juggling balls investigating what would make the best stuffing and considering what stitches would be best to ensure that the stuffing didn't fall out when the juggling balls were thrown.
  • Hayden made three forest themed juggling balls each with a different filling: kidney beans, rice and split peas. He then went on to design and make a drawstring bag to keep his juggling balls in. Very impressive work!

Click below to look at Class 2's Katie Morag DT project "Frame it"