Science Fair

24 October 2013








Well done to everyone in Class 3 who entered the Science Fair on Thursday 24th October. The standard was very high and it was extremely hard to select winners. We had such a range of topics and ideas. Fair testing, accurate measurements, predictions and conclusions were exhibited in a great display of investigative science. Many children also produced graphs and charts to analyse their results. Along with the display boards, we also had PowerPoint presentations, videos, photographs and props including tomatoes and a home made hovercraft.

There were prizes for first, second, third and fourth place, but everyone deserves congratulations for their efforts. Fourth place went to Hannah for her study of molecular polarisation. Katie achieved third place as she investigated why apples go mouldy. Daniel attained second place with his work on catalysts. First place went to Reanne who investigated what happened to different types of a milk when she froze them.

A big thank you to all the parents who supported their children in completing their projects. Time to start thinking about next year’s project…