The School was last inspected in July 2016.  Please click on the link below  if you would like to read the full report.

Whilst highlighting some areas for us to improve upon, the inspector also made some very positive comments about Catforth Primary School and identified the following strengths.


 “The quality of teaching in the early years is good and improving.”


 “The good quality of teaching in the early years ensures that children get a successful start to their education.”


“The work in the books of pupils currently in school shows quickly improving rates of progress and standards in nearly every year group.”


“Pupils are courteous, articulate and polite.”


“The school’s safeguarding arrangements are secure.  Pupils say teachers care for them well and that they feel safe in school.”


“The systematic and effective teaching of phonics (letters and the sounds that they make) ensures that pupils achieve highly in the Year 1 phonics screening check.”



Click here to download our latest OFSTED report