**Lockdown Achievements**

17 May 2020

Being at home has given us all time to get better at things or to try new hobbies! Have a look at what we've been up to :-)

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Lockdown Achievements

  • Abigail learning to do somsersaults on the trampoline!
  • Getting more confident riding a bike.
  • Lots more time for riding!
  • Getting better at gymnastics
  • Bella riding and helping out around the farm
  • Charlie getting much more confident on his big bike!
  • Practising camp cooking. Mmmmm!
  • Lots more time for art
  • When you've learnt how to crack an egg!
  • Improving on our camping skills.
  • Fraser's learnt to ride his bike one-handed!
  • Learning how to make flapjack! (which is actually my favourite!)
  • Learning how to pogo-ball!
  • Guitar lessons are now online. I can't wait for the next talent show!
  • Getting much more confident riding my bike.
  • Learning how to hoover! (this is for a cub badge)
  • Collecting the materials for a big house outdoors!
  • Finally getting to grips with times tables!
  • Becoming a balance-bike expert!
  • Pyrography skills to make a name plaque and learning how to iron for a cub badge.
  • Getting really good at free-hand drawing.
  • Free-hand drawing - Goofy!
  • Practising and practising until you perfect a flip!
  • Baking - heart shaped scones.  I bet they were delicious!
  • Made from scratch - burger and chips! His mum didn't realise he knew how to peel and chop potatoes.  Thank you Cookery Club!
  • Tyler made chocolate brownies - mmmmmmm!
  • Dexter has learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers!  Watch out if you're on the Guild Wheel!!
  • William has started birdwatching - I wonder what he has ticked off his list?!