This year World Book Day is on Thursday 6th March but we will be celebrating our love of reading and books a day early on Wednesday 5th March 2014. We will be taking part in lots of exciting activities ...

Dress up!  Come to school on the 5th dressed as a book character, if you are stuck for ideas please look on the official World Book Day website . We will be giving a prize for the child looking most like their favourite book character in each class.

Book Swap!  Following the great success of our book swap last October we are going to have another book swap on the 5th. Children can bring up to ten books each to swap.  They can start bringing in their books for the swap as soon as they like and in return for their books they will receive raffle tickets which they will then exchange for a new book/s on the day.  Please only bring clean books in good condition.  This time we will also have a ‘grown ups’ book swap for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, governors... all the grown ups connected to Catforth! We will put the adult books on a table in the porch so that you can come in and swap your books in the morning or after school. So get sorting through the book shelves at home and find some swaps!

Readathon! All the children will be taking part in Readathon a great sponsored reading activity encouraging our children to read and raise money for seriously ill children. We will begin our Readathon on the 5th March and end it on Wednesday the 23rd April.  A letter will come home (and be placed on the website) on the day explaining in more detail.  If you would like to learn more about Readathon now please take a look at .

Read for my school!  The children in Years 3 to 6 are all now logged into the project ‘read for my school’ where they have free access to a fabulous range of children’s books matched to their age online until March 27th.  Although we have joined the competition a little later than other schools we still have time to enjoy the great reads on offer and have all of half term to get reading! The children have the chance to win prizes individually and for our school. Please look at their website to learn more .  All the books the children read as part of this competition can be counted as reads for the Readathon as well!

Children who read succeed!